We have a selection of PhD holders and PhD candidates who will help you with understanding the complexity of specific university subjects or guide you in the preparation of a paper or thesis. At this level it is important that tuition is in depth and specific to the exact modules. Our undergraduate tutors hold at least a postgraduate degree and postgraduate tutors hold a doctorate degree, thus ensuring their knowledge of the subject. Prior to the first tutoring session, our tutor will request more information about the module, such as lecture description or material.

Our subject specialists include:

  • Math
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology & Biochemistry
  • Statistics & Data Analysis
  • Programming languages: MATLAB, R, Python, Java
  • Engineering
  • Finance and Financial Accounting
  • Business and Economics

Case Studies

  • A student enrolled in MA in Economics at UZH and needed help in Mathematical Statistics for Economics
  • A student studying medicine at UZH and needed support with Biochemistry course
  • A student enrolled in BSc in Computer Science at Oxford University and needed help with Algebra and Combinatorics
  • A students enrolled in MSc in Data Science at ETH Zürich and needed support in a Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics course
  • A student studying BSc in Biochemistry at UZH and needed help with Organic Chemistry course
  • A senior student enrolled in Machine Learning course in BFH Bern needed help with semester project in Machine Learning course
  • A students enrolled in MSc in Data Science at ETH Zürich and needed support in a Statistics and Python courses
  • A student studying MBA in INSEAD needed help in Managerial Accounting
  • A student studying BSc in Political Science needed help with R Studio