We teach

IB/A levels/ AP



IBPYP / Common Entrance

Swiss Matura


We work mostly with parents/students from the following schools: ZIS, ICSZ, ISZL, Institute Montana and Hull’s School.


We currently have tutors for the following IB HL and SL subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business & Management, Geography and more. Our tutors can also guide and coach students in their TOK and EE essays and IA’s. An IB tutor through YashinaTutors will help build a student’s confidence in the subject. A tutor can explain concepts, build and extend subject knowledge as well as help construct study and revision plans. Closer to the exams, working through past exam papers ensures students are fully prepared for their final exams.


More and more students choose to take AP’s in their final year in major International Schools in Switzerland. Our AP tutors either sat AP’s themselves or have prepared numerous students for the exams. Currently we have AP tutors in the following subjects: Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Economics, French Language and Culture and English. A tutor will construct a study plan with the students, revise the syllabus, tackle difficult concepts and solve past papers nearing the exams.

A levels

Small number of schools in Zürich are following the British Curriculum. Our pool of tutors familiar with A levels is quite limited but they keep themselves busy with the numerous students enrolled in boarding schools in the UK and coming back to Zürich for the holidays. We offer A level support for EDEXCEL, OCR and AQA exam boards.

Middle School

Whether your child is following an IB Programme (IBMYP) or a British GCSE system, it is very important to establish the subject foundation before transitioning to high school. Our middle school tutors are experienced in supporting all major international school curricula and teach Maths, English, Sciences and Sciences both face to face or online. When necessary, a tutor can also advise and guide the student in their subject choice for the high school programme.

One to one or Online tuition

One to one tuition usually takes place at the student’s home and can be arranged on a regular basis.  Our tutors will help to prepare the student for exams and will also lead them to a deeper understanding of the subject and help to boost their confidence. Sometimes simply learning about new study techniques can make a big difference in a student’s performance and improve their grades. All our tutors are engaging, patient and passionate about their subjects, and they are keen to share their knowledge and learning tricks with their students.

Online tuition is becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience of being able to access the best tutoring resources from any location.  Online tuition can also be used in combination with one to one tuition when, for example, a student goes away on holiday but does not want to interrupt lessons.

Revision Courses

Every spring we hold a 2-day IB Revision Courses in Maths, Economics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology in central Zürich to help final year IB students prepare for their exams. The course usually consists of tackling tricky questions from past papers and solving as many of those as possible. The group size is maximum 5 students. It is also possible to organise 1 or 2 day Revision Courses “on demand” for both the final year and the first year IB students. The courses are usually held at student’s home and can be organised at any time of the year. Minimum amount of students is 3 students per course. Please inquire about the courses by email/phone call.