We teach

International Baccalaureat (IB)

A level/ AP/ Swiss Matura/ French Bac



IBPYP / Common Entrance


One to one tuition

One to one tuition usually takes place at the student’s home and can be arranged on a regular basis.  Our tutors will help to prepare the student for exams and will also lead them to a deeper understanding of the subject and help to boost their confidence. Sometimes simply learning about new study techniques can make a big difference in a student’s performance and improve their grades. All our tutors are engaging, patient and passionate about their subjects, and they are keen to share their knowledge and learning tricks with their students.

Residential tuition

Residential tuition can be very effective when it is necessary to cover a substantial amount of material in a relatively short time. We are able to provide tutors who will support the student in intensive exam preparation at your home or abroad.

Online tuition

Online tuition is becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience of being able to access the best tutoring resources from any location. For our online sessions we work with a user-friendly online system that allows students and tutors to work together on a document in real time via desktop sharing and interactive whiteboards. Online tuition can also be used in combination with one to one tuition when, for example, a student goes away on holiday but does not want to interrupt lessons.