Our Tutors


We hire tutors based on their outstanding academic achievements, extensive teaching experience and dynamic and engaging personality. We carefully interview each tutor to understand their character and discuss their availability and schedule. Upon matching the student with a tutor, we not only take into account the educational background and teaching experience of the tutor, but also any extracurricular activities or hobbies that will help forge a connection between the tutor and the prospective student.

  • University level tutors: PhD holders or PhD candidates with teaching experience in University courses/seminars/tutorials and deep knowledge of their subject.
  • High school level tutors (IB, A’level, AP, Swiss Matura): PhD candidates or future teachers studying for Teaching Diploma with classroom teaching exposure and experience in preparing students for a given examination.
  • Middle school tutors: future teachers or tutors with extensive teaching/tutoring experience, both in one to one and classroom settings.

Meet some of our tutors