At a glance

  • In Zürich between 3-8 April 2018
  • 2 days per subject
  • CHF 550 per course (discounts apply for multiple courses)
  • Small groups up to 5 people
  • Separate groups for HL and SL
  • 14 hours of tuition per subject (7 hours per day + 1 h lunch break)

Why prepare for IB exams with YashinaTutors?

We believe that in order to succeed in IB exams, candidates are not only expected to learn the material but also to know HOW to answer various exam questions in order to score highest marks. Often the program at school leaves enough time to finish TEACHING the material required for the IB’s but not to PRACTICE enough past exam questions to be fully prepared for the exams. Here at YashinaTutors we have come up with a different method of revision for the IB’s focusing on solving as many past papers as possible and NOT simply revising the material chapter by chapter.

Our IB revision courses are taught by our most experienced tutors, who have taught many IB students in the past. Therefore those tutors are  familiar with typical “tricky” questions and will put more focus on those during the course.

During the course we also focus on developing student’s exam technique which can be improved by following the marking scheme closely and figuring out HOW to score the highest marks in each question. We make sure to discuss important details of the marking schemes, which appear year after year.

Finally we believe that SELF CONFIDENCE plays a huge role in a successful exam. How can we help to INCREASE it? By solving a lot of past exam questions during our IB Revision Courses!

Course schedule

Subject 1
Apr 3-4
Subject 2
Apr 5-6
Subject 3
Apr 7-8
Maths SLX
Maths HLX
Physics SLX
Physics HLX
Chemistry SL
Chemistry HLX
Biology SLX
Biology HLX
Economics HLX


Number of
1 IB subject, 2 daysCHF 550 per course
2 IB subjects, 4 daysCHF 525 per course
3 IB subjects, 6 daysCHF 500 per course

The Course fees are payable by bank transfer. We request you to pay 50% deposit within 14 days of the registration.  Courses that are cancelled with less than 2 weeks notice are charged in full.

** Courses will take place provided that more than 3 people register for the course. **