About us

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Having moved to Switzerland from the UK in 2014 to take up a Postdoctoral Research Scientist position at ETH Zürich, Dr Alexandra Yashina discovered the potential for founding YashinaTutors, a tutoring agency and consultancy based in Switzerland that provides tailored tuition for international and local students.

During her PhD studies in Chemistry at Imperial College London Alexandra has tutored sciences and maths and worked as an independent educational consultant in London, UK. Coming from a scientific background and being passionate about education, YashinaTutors specializes in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), thus encouraging more students to follow the path of higher education in the sciences and technology.

Our approach

We believe that private tuition does not only help our students to achieve the required grades but also nurtures self-confidence that is key to academic success and personal self-development. Our agency offers individually tailored tuition to students of all ages who are enrolled in all major international education systems and university courses. We only recruit tutors with top higher education who have a genuine passion for their chosen subject. Majority of our tutors are PhD holders or are currently pursuing teaching career and are handpicked to match each student’s needs. Often a private tutor is also seen as a role model and a career advisor to the student hence most of our tutors had a real life exposure in a discipline they teach.

Upon receiving a new tutoring request, we browse through our tutors and choose the best suited one for each individual case. Upon your approval of our chosen tutor, the tutor establishes first contact with you via email of phone. We ask you for a feedback after your first session with your new tutor. There is no need to pay after every lesson; we send you an invoice at the end of the month.


From  CHF 80 per hour

Bulk lessons discount available